We were worked with Peter from On The Level Contracting to install a new Provia entry door to my home. He has the patience of a saint! My wife changed her mind many times because she couldn't decide on the style and color of the door. We received several proposals from top rated companies and not one of the compared to On The Level Contracting when it comes to attention to detail and great communication! I highly recommend!!

    thumb Ken B.

      We paid $49 to receive an estimate to get our kitchen remodeled (95% of contractors do this for free!) Chris contacted me by phone to set up an estimate however he was reluctant to provide me with his full name so I could verify him with the name Home Depot provided - Strike one. He told me that he only worked on weekdays until 1600 and no weekends (not convenient for a working couple).  I said I would consult with my wife and call back with a day during the week we both could leave work early.  I called back and he told me he would work Saturday around his personal business, great I said.  Saturday between 1000-1400 was the window to meet and he would call me on Thursday or Friday to define the time.  No call on Thursday or Friday - strike two. I texted him on Saturday at 0900 to see if and when he was going to show up... he texted me back with sometime after 1100?  At 1245 we wanted to get on with our day since we blew the morning waiting on him!  He arrived at 1300 and opened up with a statement that he told me he had personal business!!!  No greeting or no apology for his horrible communication/coordination for this job - strike three.  I told him he didn't call me as promised, I had to Initiate the meeting time, and we stayed home all morning waiting on him because of his lack of communication. He got pissed, stormed of my porch and told me this meeting was canceled  and he left my property.   We went to HD and were refunded our money.  Never Again will I use or recommend On The Level Construction

    thumb Jimmy L.

      They just came to install a barn door inside our home.  They did not think through carefully before the execution.  They should have compared the door width, the door opening and the rail length to determine the correct mounting locations of the wheels to the door and of the rail to the wall.   The rail was installed in such a way that several inches of the length was wasted and left unused.  Since the rail was not long enough to give an excess length, they have to carefully plan it before the installation, but they didn't do that.  So they have to come back to finish the job.

    thumb R S.

      The installers were courteous and professional. They did a great job. I'm very satisfied and I highly recommend On The Level Contracting.

    thumb Christopher D.