They installed a couple doors at our house. Afterwords they took our historic hard wood door without asking. When I called to ask for it back they said "you didn't say we couldn't take it" and George proceeded to yell at me and then hang up on me. George is a horrible manager and I will never go back to these people. Who steals doors from your customers?

    thumb Larry B.

      They did an installment through home depot that resulted in being faulty. Through the claim process, the manager (George) fabricated lies of how the damage occurred. This was very disturbing to me. Just avoid them & Home Depot installments at all costs. The damages werent that costly, but the manager from the get go was denying any accountability before even making an inspection. He then lied to Home Depot & the insurance about the work done & what transpired. Im actually shocked on how this is all being handled by him.

    thumb Spike C.

      Home Depot sent this company to install the door we bought.  They installed it poorly, failed to acknowledge a defect, had to borrow a Phillips head screwdriver, and tried to pass off as 'finished', locking door with either deadbolt _OR_ doorknob but not both ("I'm a doorman! I do doors!). We challenged installer James to fix it and found his repair unacceptable (along with swearing "I said watch your step dammit" at my daughter). But he said "there's nothing I can do" and left. Called, emailed and visited home Depot manager - they apologized and results are pending.

    Then the OTL "manager" George called and kept insisting how "fantastic" his installer was. Claimed installer enlarged mortise--he didn't. Never acknowledged OTL mistakes, said we just didn't like James and shifted accountability to the manufacturer. Told me to take it up with home Depot and hung up. I don't recommend using this company for anything. In the 9 hours installing the door, James had ample opportunity to bring to light manufacturer defects and ask our input. Not worth $99 much less $700 we paid for installation.

    thumb Harry P.

      Peter and his team helped me with a basement remodel (framing, drywall, lighting, crown moulding, electrical, etc).  After iterating only a handful of times, he got to work and the end product was exactly as I envisioned it.  The work was completed in a timely fashion and with attention paid to every detail.  Peter is very enthusiastic about his business, customers and work.  He's very responsive to questions and feedback over the course of the job and my satisfaction was obviously his top priority.  He will definitely be the first I call for my next renovation!

    thumb Timmy G.