Is your door leaking water? With any opening between the inside of your house and the outdoors, there is the potential for rainwater and air to get into your house, which is both annoying and potentially damaging for your home.

Leaking can be prevented with various types of sealing, but over time, the sealing may begin to deteriorate. That is why it’s important to have it replaced or add sealing to your door, which aren’t particularity difficult or expensive.

Air and water leaks can affect your utility bills and light may extend an unknown invitation to small critters looking for a place to stay.

4 MAJOR AREA to check for leaks:

  1. Upper corners: when a door leaks most people check the bottom, however in some case the top corner of the door is the true culprit.
  2. Along the Jambs or in between french doors: the weather strips provided consistent compressed seal and is usually design soft, flexible material that wick moisture around your door. This will protect again air and moisture infiltration. When they begin to age, the material may tear or become so compressed that the strip no longer seals. If there is light showing through or water leaking in, then it might be time to change your whether stripping.
  3. Crucial Corners: Located at the bottom corners of your door frame, the crucial corner is the most important area around your exterior door. Gaps between your door panel and door jamb may occur as your house settles or as corner pads go missing, but sealing well here can deliver noticeable improvements to your door performance. Due to gravity, the crucial corners tend to take the blame for leaks, even if they truly aren’t the source of the problems.
  4. Beneath the door: If your door bottom is worn or needs replacing, you’ll likely be able to tell. Cold drafts, insects and visible light beneath a closed door panel are all signs that your door bottom may need to be replaced. Door bottoms tend wear over time and sometimes our furry family members may get through.



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