basement remodeling

Is your basement damp, dark, and unused? If so, it may be time to consider tackling a basement remodeling project. While home remodeling projects can seem pretty daunting, with the right general contractor and a detailed plan, you can be enjoying all of the benefits a finished basement has to offer.

Increased home value: While it’s true that most homes have basements, not many houses have finished basements. Having a finished basement in your home will increase the appeal to buyers if you ever decide to sell — and a finished basement can be part of the official square footage of your home. So not only will the overall value of your home increase, but basement remodeling can also offer up to a 70% return on investment. Basement remodeling is a good investment for now and for the future.

Increased functional space: With an unfinished basement, many homeowners don’t fully utilize the space. Basements can be dark, damp, and even creepy — which makes homeowners not want to use the space. But with the right remodeling plan, homeowners can enjoy an entirely new space in their home. Whether it’s for extra storage, a home office, or a home theater, the possibilities are endless with a finished basement area.

Increased comfort: When the summer sun is beating down and the rest of the house is sweltering hot, the basement remains cool and comfortable. This can allow homeowners to decrease the use of their air conditioning and hang out in a naturally cooler area. Additionally, if basements are left unfinished, they may be at an increased risk for being damp and moldy. So a finished basement can increase the overall comfort and safety of the home.

Many homeowners spend time and money on other home remodeling projects, like kitchens and bathrooms. While these areas of the home are certainly important, basements are often left untouched. But seeing as how finished basements can offer increased home value, space, and comfort, basement remodeling should be next on your to-do list.

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