If you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home, you may be considering adding a home theater. The 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home survey found that 68% of homeowners plan on including a recreational area in their new home, which means additions like home theaters are becoming more and more popular. So if you’re looking into home theater installations, make sure you consider the few important factors discussed in this article.

Choose the right location: One of the most important steps in home theater installations is choosing the right location. The location of a home theater should be somewhat isolated from the rest of the home so movies can be watched without disturbing others inside. With a little basement remodeling, a finished basement can be the perfect place for a home theater. You should make sure there’s plenty of room for a nice, big screen and ample seating so the whole family can enjoy movie night. With the right location, you’re setting yourself up for the perfect home theater.

Don’t forget to soundproof: During home theater installations, soundproofing should be the main concern. After all, you don’t want to annoy the rest of the house, or your neighbors, when you’re watching those loud, action-packed movies. Fortunately, soundproofing is really easy and there are several ways to do it. Two of the most common options for soundproofing is using specialty drywall with sound barrier aspects or using regular drywall lined with sound barrier materials. Both of these options are effective and general contractors can recommend which option would be best for your home.

Install the tech properly: A killer sound system, the right lighting, and a projector program are all essentials for a home theater. So if you mess up the installation, you’re not going to be enjoying a movie night any time soon. This is why it’s important to leave the electrical work to the professionals. Not only can a contractor ensure all of your tech is hooked up correctly, they can make sure it’s done safely. This way, you can rest assured knowing the job will get done right.

Having a home theater can be a great way to bring the whole family together for regular movie nights. And by keeping these important factors in mind, you can make sure your home theater is as perfect as possible.